Meet Tjarda!

Tjarda is a young Dutch producer and DJ. He started drumming and playing different instruments when he was 10 years old. This resulted in a broad spectrum of musicality and inspiration to create his own tracks. Influences from jazz to soul music combined with minimalistic and raw sounding drums is the sound that is already appreciated by many artists in the scene. As a student at the Herman Brood Academy, he saw the opportunity to develop further as a producer and with upcoming releases he is succeeding in this. This talent has been active in the Breda scene for quite some time. Tjarda has had performances at Zonnig, Club Spock and Stufi Techno. Keep an eye on this talent and expect a lot of new music in the near future. As a new member of the scoff community, he will be presenting his latest and unreleased songs to the community. You can also follow him on instagram and soundcloud.

listen below to some unreleased music made by Tjarda.

Track ID: unreleased

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