Scoff’s new Fall/Winter ’21 collection

The new Scoff winter collection relates to a story with an important quote: ”politics of the dance floor”.

Recently, opinions on political issues have become increasingly polarized among ‘normal’ people. The differences of opinion have increased in the year 2021 and it seems as if people no longer want to listen to each other. The dance floor, where so few things matter anymore besides living in the moment, seems to be more important than ever.

With Scoff’s new F/W collection, we are focusing on the free spirits who want to forget the nonsense in this world by dancing and enjoying life together. This collection is for the dancers, artists, organizations, creatives and anyone who had to miss out their own importance of the dance floor.

Producing this collection has a positive effect on climate, people and economy. The entire new Scoff collection is made out of organic, recycled and OekoTex certified materials. This means that it is completely free of harmful chemicals and is safe for humans. Also, this collection is made in a factory that produces fairly and responsibly.

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