Meet Khun!

”Hey! I’m Khun. I live in Amsterdam and I am a minimal tech producer/DJ. Producing is a way of living for me. Day in, day out I’m using my creativity to create new beats that will shake the club apart! I’m a new Scoff community member and I will provide you with new tunes and mixtapes every month. I’m looking forward to meet you on the dancefloors! Cheers!”

As a new Scoff community member, Khun is a young producer and DJ active in the world of minimal tech music. In July 2020 his debut EP ‘summer essentials’ was released and the 21 year old citizin of Amsterdam recently released a track on Luuk van Dijk’s album called ‘Kooky’. Listen below to an unreleased track from Khun and get a taste of what he’s about to release!

Track ID: unreleased

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